In this webinar, our guest is Michael Israel, Managing Partner of Revolve Wealth Partners, shared insight on how he intentionally thought about creating a ‘work-from-anywhere’ tech environment and what he’s learned during the current COVID crisis.   

In this session, we explored:

  • Identifying the non-negotiables of a strong firm technology infrastructure  
  • Creating effective workflows to streamline tasks and increase efficiency 
  • Utilizing shared drives give access to coordination between employee teams
  • Changing ‘social distancing’ to ‘ social connecting’ with video conferencing
  • Training and activities that increase client service and employee satisfaction 
  • Establishing new routines and recognizing the work from home silver lining 

This is an essential webinar to learn from a firm who’s successfully incorporated technology in all aspect of their firm to maximize efficiency, productivity, and collaboration among employees, clients, and business partners. 


  • Wes Stillman, CEO and Founder, RightSize Solutions
  • Michael Israel CFP®, Managing Partner, Revolve Wealth Partners