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For a little perspective on what we do and all we offer, please download any or all of our brochures. Below, we’ve provided a brief description of what each PDF includes. Below that, you’ll find a form where you can select which brochures you want.

RightSize Solutions Brochure

Premier Provider of IT Management Services for the Wealth Management Community. Providing Peace-of-Mind Through Secure, Efficient, Technology Solutions

RightSize Shield Brochure

New from RightSize Solutions, the RightSize Shield offers RIAs the fastest, most secure and most flexible managed technology environment in the industry.

Case Study: Ransomware Attacks Are Closer Than You Think

Learn how our team spotted suspicious activity and how the multi-step process of containment, removal and recovery kicked into overdrive.

RightSize Changing the Cybersecurity Conversation Fact Sheet

 The best protection against a cyberattack or data breach triggered by ransomware, malware, phishing and viruses starts with planning and conversations well ahead of an event. RightSize Solutions has a few tips on how to get a cybersecurity narrative started.


RightSize 10 Tips To Upgrade Your Firm Tech Fact Sheet

At RightSize Solutions, we equip financial advisors and other professionals with leading-edge technology solutions so they can work how they want with the flexibility and security of a platform that reduces cybersecurity risk and adheres to regulatory standards.


RightSize Sample Cybersecurity Policy

Download a sample RightSize Cybersecurity policy here. Note: Not meant for use before customization – connect with us to learn more.



Partnering With Compliance Firms to Manage and Enforce Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

You have customized compliance policies and manuals for your clients but no way to enforce them. That’s where
RightSize Solutions comes in. We’re experts in all areas of cybersecurity.

As an RIA, What's Your Technology Responsibility?

While technology has allowed smaller firms to offer features once previously reserved for larger firms, it has also incurred a greater responsibility on smaller firms to protect their businesses and their clients’ information.

Breakaway Technology Infrastructure and Management Partner

As you start your journey to independence, you have the unique opportunity to provide your employees and clients with a technology environment that’s secure, efficient, and easily scalable.

Multifactor Authentication

Where maintaining client trust is paramount, it is incumbent that financial advisors consider a layered approach to data security

Password Vaults

Custom centrally-managed password manager solutions make it easy for you apply complex passwords proactively to secure and manage your privileged credentials

Centralized IT

There’s a common misconception that moving to the cloud will eliminate all your information technology system failures. Moving to the cloud still requires a plan for system failures.

Email Encryption

RSS partners with RPost to bring an innovative solution to our clients with Legal Proof® and Registered Email® services.


While leveraging the right technology is important, fostering a cybersecurity sensitive culture is essential

Preparing for an SEC Cybersecurity Examination

The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) OCIE will continue its focus on conducting cybersecurity preparedness examination of registered broker-dealers and investment advisers. Learn how you can prepare.

Cybersecurity Policy

A best-in-class cybersecurity policy can enhance the overall client experience, which can be a differentiator as concerns over security issues continue to grow.