A Year of Sustainable Cybersecurity
Lots of people make resolutions in January to “hit the gym,” but by February, many of these attempts have fizzled out. We all know that sustainable fitness all year long is better than hitting the gym hard for a month, then stopping for 11.
Getting in tip-top shape isn’t about going to the gym and doing 200lb squats on day one. It’s about starting small, being consistent, and growing from there. So when it comes to your physical health or your RIA’s cyber-health, you’ve got to start somewhere. We recommend starting with these three tips:

1. Find the gym. You’ve got to find the gym before you can go. Just like you must know the location of your data, and which roads lead to it, before you can get there. Where does all of your client information live? Who has access to it? From where?

2. Show up at the gym. Having a gym membership accomplishes nothing—unless you go! The same way having a cybersecurity policy does nothing—unless you implement it! Your policies must be not only defined—but monitored and enforced—if you want to see results. How are you specifically managing data and its access at your RIA?

3. Get a trainer. As a financial advisor, it’s not your job to stay up to date on every piece of gym equipment or know the best approach to reach your specific goals. But that sure is a trainer’s job! That’s why hiring a trainer makes life a heck of a lot easier…and results come faster. While a personal trainer can get you comfortable with the latest best practices for your physical fitness, a cybersecurity partner can help you do the same for your RIA. Who is supporting your ongoing commitment to data loss prevention?

Whether your resolution to go to the gym has already fizzled out, or your goal to commit to cybersecurity hasn’t quite taken shape—today is a great day to start something sustainable.

Want to maintain an ongoing commitment to data loss prevention? We can help. It just takes a phone call. Get us on the case, and we’ll keep your RIA in tip-top shape.