Maybe you’ve seen Google’s COVID-19 PSA ‘Do the Five’? If not, some good advice and here’s the link.

We’ve adapted this for our own  “Do the RSS Five” mantra:

  1. Use MFA & Watch for Phishing Emails
  2. Adhere to your Compliance Policies
  3. Communicate Communicate
  4. Execute on your DR plans
  5. Refine and Repeat what’s working what’s not fix it

To learn more, listen to a replay  of our most recent  educational ‘What You Need to Know about Working Remotely’ webinar. Our panel  discusses why best tech management practices become even more critical in the evolving work-from-home business environment.   At one of our nation’s most vulnerable times, the bad actors are extremely active. Gain insight on how your security should work — and the inherent risks in not using it properly.

Replay the Webinar

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