Why Us?

Consider your investment exceeded…

At RightSize Solutions, we are not satisfied until our services provide value to you that far-exceed your investment with us. If you’re searching for the right technology partner, know that when you’re our client, you are also our partner. We treat your business as if it were our own.

Here are a few things that matter to us:

  • You’re good with numbers. Like yours, our numbers are pretty impressive. Our latest Net Promoter Score is 61% and our client retention rate, since we began, is close to 100%.
  • Sleeping? We have better things to do. When it comes to improvement, we never rest. Our procedures and policies have been scrutinized by leading firms such as Stark & Stark and have undergone intensive due diligence, including private client vulnerability testing.
  • Constant investment in our infrastructure. Through nonstop research and development, we choose (and build) only the most cutting-edge software and hardware for our customers. RightSize Solutions deploys a cloud environment to support any number of concurrent users, utilizing the latest server and Windows operating system technology available, housed in a state-of-the-art data center. All of our services are backed with a 100% guarantee.

Furthermore, what we don’t do provides insight into what a partnership with us looks like:

  • We don’t show off with technical mumbo-jumbo. In this industry, technical mumbo-jumbo is often used to cover up lackluster offerings or lack of comprehension. We’ve been in this business for a while; the people who really know what they’re talking about can speak about in a clear, concise and universal way. We think speaking the same language is crucial for strong outcomes. We save the techie-talk for our thought leadership.
  • We don’t believe in using fear as a selling-tactic. Quite the opposite. Our business is not about creating fear—it’s about creating answers.
  • We don’t nickel and dime our clients. We aren’t looking to tack-on extra fees or give you an add-on you don’t need. Efficiency goes both ways—with your technology and with your money. Both should be maximized. It’s how we run our business—and how we help clients run theirs. In efficiency there is excellence.
  • We don’t use SLAs. Service makes all the difference. As a matter of fact, we bank on it. If we can’t satisfy you, we will tear up the contract and help you move to another provider. We guarantee our service. And with a retention rate near 100%, we are confident you’ll want to stick with us for the long term.
  • We don’t hide our executives in their C-suites. Actually, there is no C-suite here. The leaders of our company are at the forefront, diving into issues, and being fully available to clients.

Our Core Values

1. Value: A measurement of worth.   Our work is measured by our client’s perception.  We strive to deliver incomparable service tailored around improving your business and value to your clients.

2. Experience: One of our founding principals in 2002 was that “Outstanding IT support starts with understanding the business served”. Working with 100s of RIAs and their applications over the last 15 years has allowed us to build an abundance of knowledge and relationships with FinTech providers, Regulatory requirements and industry consultants.

3. Application of Knowledge: “Application of Knowledge is Power!” Putting all that experience to work for our clients is our number 1 priority. Client confidence is built through clear, unbiased consultation making RightSize Solutions your primary point of contact for everything technology.

4. Ability: Experience, knowledge and Skill enables smooth consolidation, integration and innovation of your technology to the Cloud and beyond. Minimally Invasive, we work with your team and FinTech providers to solve the security and technology challenges of today and enhance your business for tomorrow’s challenges.

5. Scale – Simply put, we provide the power of enterprise technology and ability to enable you to focus on growing your business. As you grow, we grow your RightSize Solutions Private Cloud Platform. The flexibility of our service enables you to grow your business your way.  Whether it is through acquisition, outsourcing, new clients, or new FinTech applications … RightSize Solutions streamlined technology grows with you.

6. Convenience: Anywhere, anytime access to your technology is just the start. Single Centralized including SSO and our Centralized Password Vault ensure controlled access to your business critical Web based applications. A single, compliant, searchable platform for Email, Social Media Web Site, and internal Instant Messaging archiving solves your communications compliance concerns. Your RightSize Solutions support team is ready to serve you the way you want via our advanced ticketing system, by phone, email, and chat.

7. Innovation: We are constantly investing in our infrastructure and people. Through nonstop research and development, we choose (and build) only the most cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Every client is unique in their operations and use of technology to support their business.  We have helped our clients improve their operations through automation, integration and use of technology.  From the simple to the impressive, ask us today how we can help make your technology work for you.

8. Comprehension: Listening, understanding. The RightSize Solutions team strives to be experts in technology; understanding the industry and regulatory environment.  Deciphering the complex issues involving technology, compliance and cybersecurity enables our team to excel in serving our clients.

9. Commitment –A Partnership that is dedicated to our client’s success. At RightSize Solutions, we are not satisfied until our services provide value to you that far-exceed your investment with us.  Continual investment in employee education, infrastructure enhancements and industry participation underscore our devotion to our family of clients.  We start and end our day with one goal in mind to deliver top-notch security and outstanding service to increase your profitability and efficiency.

10. Accountability: It is part of our DNA at RightSize Solutions and a pre-requisite to be a part of our team.   Issues happen, and when they do, we often find ourselves spending endless hours trying to identify a source to take responsibility and be accountable for resolving the issue.   You can rest assured that your RightSize Solutions team stands at the ready as part of your team regardless of the source of the issue to accept responsibility for resolution.  We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to be of service and believe that we must be an accountable and contributing resource to your organization.