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Last we checked, humans are still very important

Technology is incredible. Its possibilities/capabilities are immense. But technology alone doesn’t build a successful technology firm. At RightSize Solutions, we believe that state-of-the-art technology is only maximized when matched with passion, service and commitment from invested human beings. Meet our executives, with whom, as our client, you will have direct, ongoing contact.

Wes Stillman

Wes Stillman

Chief Executive Officer

“Really understanding the industry you serve is the only way to fully leverage technology.”

After 30+ years of managing technology in high-level positions, Wes began RSS in 2002 because RIAs needed a technology partner who really understood their needs. More than 13 years later, he remains committed to understanding every nuance of his clients’ businesses.

Prior to founding RSS, Wes’ clients included major airlines, broker dealers, trust companies, health care providers, community banks and other financial institutions. He has held high-level positions at National Advisors Trust Company, FSB, Comdisco, Midwest Consulting Group (Senior Consultant and Yellow Technology Services (Director of Technology).

A technology-pioneer in every sense, Wes is regularly quoted as a subject matter expert in industry publications and also speaks to small and large groups on topics such as cybersecurity, cloud-based environments and leveraging technology.

James Jensen

James Jensen

Chief Technology Officer

“Companies need to accept that investing in cybersecurity is quickly becoming a necessity, rather than an option.”

James is a RightSize Solutions principal and Chief Technology Officer for the firm. He has over 15 years of experience in computer engineering, programming, and information technology design, modification, and set-up. After studying computer engineering at Kansas State University, James worked in UMB Bank’s investment management area. After working at UMB for a number of years he went on to work for Sprint as a Network Provisioner before joining the technology group at National Advisors Trust Company, FSB in 2001. He joined RightSize Solutions in 2006.



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