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Our word is everything.

The best praise we can get? For us, that’s a client saying, “They lived up to what they said, and went so much further.” That’s why our clients’ words mean so much. We are pleased to share these testimonials—and we look forward to earning yours in the future.

The Right Size team is so patient and never make us feel ignorant or at fault even if often times we are just not thinking the problem through. The team constantly goes above and beyond, including staying on a conference call to speak with our ISP about an issue they were confident was on their end. The issue was with the ISP and I really appreciated that they stood up for us and stayed with us until the ISP fixed the issue. RightSize’s response and solution times are faster than when our IT was just 5 miles away. I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am that RSS is on our team.

Joel Bengds

CFP, HSC Wealth Advisors

There were three main reasons we went with RightSize Solutions. (1) We were having problems with some computers in the office being sources of constant problems. RightSize allowed us to create a uniform RIA IT management environment. (2) We would often have to wait a half day or longer for our local IT to help us. RightSize’s helpdesk can help 24/7! And, (3) We wanted to move critical data and logins to the cloud. If one of our local computers breaks or is stolen, we can just get a new one. This helps our RIA cybersecurity compliance. No problem, no loss!

Brad Ferguson, CFA

Chief Investment Strategist, Halter Ferguson Financial

“Each month we run reports in PortfolioCenter (PC) to upload to our website for clients to view. Last week we ran into some problems with the program and couldn’t get it done. We weren’t sure if it was an Adobe , PC or other issue. We called RightSize Solutions and spoke with Harrison who found identified the issue as a PC problem and contacted the manufacturer. Between the holiday weekend and the bad weather, Harrison stayed on top of the manufacturer and made sure to the issue was resolved. I can honestly say it’s great having RightSize Solutions as our IT ‘department’. Thank You RSS, you all does a great job for us!!”

Scott M. Kahan, CFP®

President & Senior Financial Planner, Financial Asset Management Corp.

“I so appreciate the services RSS provides – I can close my eyes at night, knowing we are well taken care of. It is a huge relief. The RightSize team deserves acknowledgment for a job VERY well done.  We respect their expertise. The support team has gone beyond the call of duty and has been very patient with us.”

Patricia Hart

Chief Operations & Compliance Officer, Harvest Capital Advisors

“Wes and his group at RightSize have done a great job of holding our hands as we converted from a local network configuration to what I think of as a cloud configuration. We undertook the project with some trepidation, but they did a great job working us through it. We were concerned about who would support us with technology issues after having had a local person handle that for us for many years, but the remote support that RSS offers works great. We give Wes and his team high marks for their ability to get on things right away and get problems solved when they come up. I would recommend Wes and his group for anyone thinking about making the leap to the cloud from a local network technology configuration.”

Tom Batterman, JD, CTFA

Principal, Senior Financial Associate, Financial Fiduciaries

“RightSize Solutions provides unsurpassed technology management and cloud-based cybersecurity solutions to RIAs.  Their team is relentless when it comes to solving any technology issue.  We were so impressed with RightSize, we asked for business cards to pass out to our colleagues.”

Kelly L. Trageser, MBA, CFP

Principal, Sea Clear Financial Planning, LLC

Successful businesses have a multitude of contingency and business continuity plans in place with the hope that they will never be needed.  However, natural disasters do occur and those businesses are grateful for having put plans in place to mitigate any unfortunate circumstances.

Such was the case for my firm when Hurricane Irma chose to visit Florida.  I want to thank Rightsize Solutions for enabling me to continue to do business seamlessly even though I was nowhere near my office and had to work off of a cellular modem due to intermittent loss of power and office/home internet.  It was very comforting to know that my critical data and operating systems were available regardless of where and how I had to do business.

Joe Downs

President, Reality Financial Planning

“RightSize Solutions has provided remote access computing to FFP Wealth Management for nearly one year. As promised, the speed of the systems is faster from Kansas than the computer that resided within our building. Having the ability to have access from mobile devices from anywhere at any time has been very beneficial. We are especially pleased with their problem solving skills. The staff of RightSize Solutions is always willing to solve any issue, including software we acquired outside of RightSize Solutions. We strongly recommend RightSize Solutions to all professionals in the financial services”

Roger C. Kruse, ChFC, CFP®, EA

Principal, Chief Financial Consultant, FFP Wealth Management

“RightSize Solutions (RSS) provided us a clear path to the cloud. Our investment process became more manageable knowing that RSS through their retention, restoration and recovery systems covered our compliance requirements. Having global access to our business is an added plus. Wes Stillman and the entire RSS team are first class.

Kevin Lane

Principal, Investment Advisor, Lane Brothers & Co.

Over the years Wes as built and led a very viable IT solution for financial advisors. He is a proactive leader who has developed an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals. Wes is also the type of leader who willingly steps in as needed to resolve higher level issues. I have appreciated to strong compliance and security protocols Wes as incorporated into his offering. Over the years he has become a valued and trusted resource for our firm. I have personally recommended him to other firms and endorse him for your business needs.

Chris Rasberry

COO & CCO, HFG Wealth Management

“We review a number of policies as part of the services we offer. The RightSize Solutions cyber security policy is inclusive of all key areas of what a cyber security policy should be.”


Principal, Oread Partners LLC



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