One of the unintended consequences of the advent of the cloud has been the rise of cybercrime. Think about it, not that long ago your employees and clients only had the ability to access the most sensitive data from a private server in the confines of their office between the 9am to 5pm workday. We all know those days are long gone. Now it’s pretty much anytime and anywhere.

I was speaking with an industry colleague who shared a story of an RIA advisor who expressed their delight in being able to check on client account information while in the airport. For anyone reading this, not a good idea! Besides the obvious issues associated with public Wi-Fi, who’s to say someone’s not looking over your shoulder, and taking pictures with their smart phone.

With more access comes more responsibility. To hear other cautionary tales and learn what to do, and not to do, join our next RightSize Solutions Webinar with guest Sue Glover as we discuss the difference between FinTechStack and TechStack and why it matters to RIAs.

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