I view ‘total commitment’ as the fuel that runs our engine.  This commitment takes many forms, including the level of service we provide clients, educational materials and thought-leadership to the industry, and continuous improvements to our products and services.

To this end, I’m proud to share 2 new announcements:

  • To call attention to the urgent need for better RIA cybersecurity, we’re offering a cybersecurity policy template for RIAs and publishing our latest whitepaper, The Cybersecurity Policy Upgrade Imperative. Cybercriminals and criminal networks are highly sophisticated operations that are increasingly successful at flying under the radar. As a first line of defense, RIAs need policies and procedures that can stand up to this level of clandestine attack. Our cybersecurity policy template gives you a plan for dealing with perceived and genuine threats.
  • More than just a new level of technology support, the RightSize Shield™ is a superior service offering evolution combining convenience, speed, and protection. RIAs can now have an even faster and more flexible operating environment that complies with regulatory guidance, enabling cybersecurity best practices and enforces the firm’s security policies. The Shield empowers RIAs with a hybrid of customized technology, proactive management and unrivaled service to keep your systems securely running and your business soaring.

To learn more, visit our website’s Resource Center. And, if your technology infrastructure is due for tune-up, give is a call at (913) 396-4600 and we’ll gladly take a look under the hood.