In our last blog, we discussed providing the highest of level of service to our clients requires constantly altering the way we think. That also is true for the investments we make in both our infrastructure and who and how we engage with supporting firms and resources.

Most people understand how ‘moving to the cloud’ means no longer needing in-house server hardware. We’re taking this concept to an entirely new level. Now you no longer need to purchase Network Equipment, Routers, WiFi Access Points. Even wiring becomes optional!

Some of you may be old enough to remember Steppenwolf’s song ‘Born To Be Wild— Get your motor runnin’ head out on the highway’. We’re ‘Getting our ‘Mojo runnin…’ through an exciting new partner alliance with ‘Mojo Network Access Point Technology’ to offer an enhanced and complete network solution for wireless access, security and engagement.

What this means to you: This new “racin’ with the wind” enhancement to our platform eliminates those frustrating intermittent network slowdowns and disconnects by leveraging enterprise-grade wireless networks for every application required; ensuring high reliability through an approach that is automated, scalable, secure and cost effective. The future of WiFi requires intelligent, self-reliant access points that support high-performing, highly reliable networks without the need of antiquated controllers. This improved approach is highly secure with built in intrusion protection which removes the complexity, instability and high costs associated to enterprise WiFi today. In fact, a recent article entitled ‘Empowering DoD Productivity Through Secure Mobile Solutions’ highlights how the federal government has embraced a mobile-first strategy — and increased work productivity by an estimated 34 percent.

Anyone wanting to upgrade their wireless access, especially breakaways, expanding RIAs, M&A scenarios, building new working environments, will benefit by allowing employees to be untethered and still have the same experience of a more traditional wired environment.

In additional, RightSize has established a private network of data “superhighways” to connect RIAs and their fintech providers directly. Our algorithms choose the shortest path between the firm’s device, the industry’s applications and their major data centers to deliver significant improvements in transmission speed and quality, compared to traditional internet connections.