‘I enjoy educating advisors on how to protect their customer’s data, and their firms’ integrity.’

– Wes Stillman, CEO, RightSize Solutions

Past Speaking Engagements:

My talks cover topics including best practices for cybersecurity, growing your business through the cloud, and managing your company’s security policy:

  • Growing Your Business Through the Cloud: Advisors will learn how they can become more efficient, and expand their business with their own Private Cloud atmosphere.
  • Managing Your Company’s Security Policy Firms of all sizes need policies in place as a first line of defense. Wes offers 10 tips that small firms can implement today and drastically improve security.
  • Data Breaches in the 21st Century: What We Can Learn Breaches on Sony and Target released millions of customer records. As a custodian of highly sensitive client data, get a better understanding of your responsibility, and what we can do to better protect your clients’ information.
  • When Disaster Strikes: Business Continuity Planning: Data Breaches, Natural Disasters, Rogue Employees. Nowadays, a disaster can mean many things. And with recent increases to regulation, RIAs are now on the hook. Learn what steps your firm can take today, to be better prepared.


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Audio Examples:

  • RIACastWes chats with Matt Baum of RIACast on all things cybersecurity
  • fi360: Wes speaks with Ben Aikin, Vice President of Learning and Development at fi360 on advisor vulnerabilities and protection

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