In my last blog I quoted Yogi Berra ‘When you come to a fork in the road, take it’.  Another quote, from Albert Einstein, ‘The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.’ has always stuck with me and has a direct correlation with “taking the fork in the road.”  Perhaps Einstein meant to define our thoughts on a much larger scale, but I believe that it also can relate to how we choose to lead our life and even our business.  If we choose to live an ordinary life, well it would be awfully boring (among other things), and if we choose to run an unremarkable business, we will be looking for alternative work.

When I started RightSize Solutions in 2002, I was determined to create a technology and service platform that would truly empower the wealth management community to better serve their clients.  Great in theory, but for my clients to experience this type of satisfaction, they would need to be enabled to operate in the securest and most efficient way possible.  Fast forwarding to 2018, RightSize Solutions has become the largest provider of IT Management Services to RIAs.  In an ever-changing technology landscape, for us to provide the continued highest of level of service to our clients, we must constantly be altering the way we think.

Having partnered with the wealth management community for as long as I have, I have grown to appreciate and respect the value you provide to individuals, families, and businesses on a daily basis.  Complacency is never an option for you nor is it for your clients.  As technology and business evolves, it is mandatory to change our thinking to provide the best client experience possible.  This is only possible if we begin to challenge and redefine our thought process.

Now I’ve gone on for quite a bit about how powerful change can be, but I also realize it must make sense.  Here are a 3 things we are doing to change the industry standard:

  1. Integrated Platform: Whether you require a centralized and decentralized computer network architecture, we’re able to bridge a flexible operating environment that offer the best of both worlds to support their dynamic and evolving needs.
  2. Private Network: Our private network technology uses the shortest path routing and deliver significant improvements in transmission speed and quality, compared to traditional internet connections. And, net neutrality effectively becomes a non-issue as our dedicated SD-WAN lines puts you in the driver seat to sidestep any potential “discriminatory” policies that govern your traffic.
  3. Compliance and Security: A tailored solution that addresses the OCIE’s emerging cybersecurity preparedness recommendation. Our User Access Rights and Management protocols allow RIAs to configure user and device-level access to systems, applications and files.


Keep an eye out for my next blog on the how our platform will now enable a complete workflow for wireless access, security and engagement.